Growing up in the world of Office Supplies isn’t easy

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Did I think starting a new venture would be easy? No I didn’t! I also knew it would take a lot of time patience and perseverance.

A year on and it is still tough, in fact I would honestly say it’s tougher. Let me explain why.

When you start anything new whether it’s a hobby or a business, the only way is up as you have nothing to compare it with. Just over a year later you have a business with responsibilities to others that work with you and to the customers you have worked hard to bring on board.

When you start to grow the business, target needs to be set and aimed for. Like all sales driven businesses, the more you sell the more you need to sell to grow.

Creating small milestones on the way is another aspect of growing responsibility from our very own printed covered catalogue to having an increased number of suppliers and their support.

Then with all of the above to think about, you are then fully aware that as you strive to grow your business certain things need to be taken into account. Cash flow to staffing are two that come to mind and yet there are many others.

You also have to seriously think about your own work/life balance as your business grows as well as your own financial situation during the early days.

You may well be reading this thinking “this isn’t for me” or it sounds too tough! In many ways you would be right. But hang on a minute, if you believe you can do better than those you compete with, if you know what you are doing is truly right for you and those you serve. If it means you can hold your head up high and say I achieved this or I aimed for this or even I did my best.

Then yes, it is worth it and I am proud of our first year in business.

Phil Rusling

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An industry veteran with more than 27 years industry experience - what Phil doesn't know about Business Supplies isn't worth knowing. Phil spends most of his week travelling around the UK servicing our nationwide client base and delivering a fresh twist on customer service in office supplies.

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