The Past, the Present and the Future

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Do you ever feel time passes too quickly? That is how I feel writing this post today!

Twelve months ago I had a vision, with the support of two valued partners, to create an office supplies company with the aims of offering unrivalled service, honest dialogue and always putting the customer first. I am proud to say, twelve months on, we still use the same ethos. The past year has truly flown by. Mind you, spending hours on the road, travelling on trains and buses and very early mornings that never seemed to end this was bound to happen – they are now distant memories. As they say in the sales world tomorrow is a new day with new targets to achieve.

We Know Office is a business I am very proud of, from the team around me all wanting it to succeed to myself not taking holidays or time out until such time we can stand back and shout YES we have done it! Many of our customers tell me I care too much, I seek success for We Know Office, and this is what drives me. However, none of this would work without you, the customer. I hear too many businesses say things like “I wish they would leave us alone, I am too busy!” Or, “Customers, who needs them?” Well let me tell you a business isn’t a business and certainly not a successful one without customers. They are our business at We Know Office.

To our customers, I am truly appreciative of all your support, and I simply wish to say thank you all. Many of you I have known for years; it’s true, people do buy people and service. And to those whose support I have won by hard work and demonstrating we can offer what others (sometimes far bigger than us) offer and more.  Thank you for putting your trust in me. To those prospects that haven’t yet decided which side of the fence to jump from, I say to you give We Know Office the opportunity! Many of you say that it’s just stationery, or that it’s at the bottom of your list currently. I say, you are high on my agenda and you will not look back once you say yes to us.

The start of the year was a nervous and challenging time for me, after all I had spent many years doing what I do best: selling. Now, having created a new business, there is a whole lot more for me to think about. Yes, selling is still my first skill, but now I have to think of budgets, cash flow, my team, partners, marketing etc. This has been a steep learning curve for me, but we have solid back office support and systems which have allowed us to fulfil our customer’s expectations and grow our business month on month.

Now Christmas is upon us and my best chance of a rest! Mind you, my head never stops thinking work! 2015 will, I am confident, be a good and prosperous year. We now have many excellent tools at our disposal from an excellent web site, our highly rated on line ordering site and our own branded 2015 catalogue. Our customers will get the best services and our prospects will see the benefits of a partnership with We Know Office.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015!

Phil Rusling

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An industry veteran with more than 27 years industry experience - what Phil doesn't know about Business Supplies isn't worth knowing. Phil spends most of his week travelling around the UK servicing our nationwide client base and delivering a fresh twist on customer service in office supplies.

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