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We know that in your office, when you’re running out of printer paper or lever arch files you’re expected to just “pop” down to the local Staples or Rymans and pick up those bits and bobs everyone in the office needs. And we know how annoying it is to have to find the person with the key to the petty cash tin, or pay for those envelopes yourself and claim the expense back.

We know it’s really hard finding the time to actually leave your desk and get down to the town, and then you’ll probably have to argue over the last parking space in the busy retail park. Or even worse, we know you’ll be annoyed to buy a parking ticket for the ten measly minutes you need in store when all you want is some more punched pockets.

We know that half the time, when you get there, they haven’t got exactly what you wanted in stock; every Brother ink cartridge except the one you need. How annoying is that?!

Then there’s the alternative; the dreaded stationery catalogue! We know you flick hopelessly through pages and pages of product, desperately attempting to find what you want. And then we know you know that the prices printed are not the prices you’ll be getting, so you have to call or email a pricing enquiry through before you can choose which filing cabinet is the best choice.

Here at We Know Office, we know what life is really like in your office and we’re here to make things really, really easy for you.

We know how much you love online shopping so we have created an easy to use, online office supplies store for you to shop at. We have a much bigger range of products for you to choose from than our high street and retail park cousins, and we have tailored the experience just for you. With your own company account login, you get to see your personalised pricing, instantly. No more guess work or waiting for confirmation on cost. And because we know you love to use that little magnifier icon for key word searching to find that particular fineliner you love to write with, we’ve set that up for you too.

At We Know Office, we live for you to have the best possible office stationery shopping experience and we’d love to tell you more! Call us on 01293 223223 today to set up your business account, or register online now!

With free next day delivery on orders over £75, we know you won’t regret making the change to the best office supplies shopping experience out there, tailored especially for you!

We Know Office.  We know you!

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