Our Environment – Preserve & Protect

Discussions about how to better protect the natural environment have moved higher up the public agenda and this issue has long been on VOW Wholesale’s radar. From single use plastics to greenhouse gas emissions, more people than ever understand the importance of protecting the environment, and we continue to play our part.

Our aims: By 2024

To maintain zero
waste to landfill
To reduce consumption of
single use plastics by 10%
To reduce electricity and
gas consumption by 30%
To reduce water
consumption by 10%
To reduce waste
by 20% by 2022
To increase biodiversity
at our sites
To reduce greenhouse
gas production by 20%

We have a large environmental footprint within our direct control and we are making a shared commitment to drive consistent, positive change.

Investing in our delivery fleet is an ongoing focus. During 2020 we are continuing the process of replacing all our vehicle fleet with the latest fuel and emission efficient diesel engine. The expectation is that these vehicles will deliver up to a
We are installing water usage efficiency measures wherever possible in our operation. We’ve introduced water meters and run education campaigns to reduce water usage. Additionally, we have set ourselves a challenge to reduce dependency on potable water for our toilets and gardens.

Void fill

By recycling our used or damaged cardboard boxes into shock absorbent netted material, we are currently shredding and recycling over 16,000 cubic square meters of cardboard per year, which is equivalent to the space needed for 3,200 Asian elephants!