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A classroom is a part of an education institution, which helps students of all ages learn about different aspects of the world.  The classroom requires materials which are adequate for an educational institute.  Classroom furniture generally consists of desks, chairs, white or green boards, teacher’s table and chair, cupboards, a computer stand, trolley or table.

The school furniture that is required should be sturdy and user friendly.  School furniture should always be of high quality because the stronger the material of school furniture the longer it lasts.  The most important items are book shelves, cupboards, lockers, desks, chairs, display boards, filing cabinets and storing cabinets.  The shelves are generally made of pine wood and oak wood because the wood produced by these are strong in nature and last longer.  The desks are made from wood or MDF whereas the legs of these desks are made of either wood or steel.  Using steel as the base for desks and chairs prevents the desks and chairs from heavy damages and helps in usage of the product for longer period of time.  A school also requires soft boards, where everyday notices and announcements are put up.  The frames of these soft boards are made from wood or plastics.  Lockers are generally made of steel, which enables longer durability.

The chairs can be made of polymers because polymers have a high durability, tenacity and are not easily damaged. Polymers do not tend to rust like those made of metal, making it a more enduring material for making school chairs.  The canteen tables are made of hard wood.  Educational furniture should always be made of high quality materials; because once they are made from such materials they tend endure all the damages and last over decades.  This proves to be advantageous for schools, colleges and educational institutions.

School storage should always consist of extra materials in case of emergency replacement of a particular material of a classroom or school.  The school storage should always be protected from students and kept under lock and key so that students don’t damage the materials kept in this storage facility.  Each of the furniture should complement the classroom in itself.  All white boards should be framed with aluminium frames, so that the sides of the boards are not easily eroded.  The colour of the furniture should always be blue, black, brown or red.  This compliments the classroom and makes it look more like a professional place for learning.  The materials used for schools should always be longer lasting, durable and help in saving the extra money.  The cupboards that are placed in the corridors of the schools and colleges should be well protected.  The wood that is used for making the soft boards and cupboards should be polished regularly and kept clean to avoid any kind of moisture based shredding of the wood.  The lockers are generally made of steel and to avoid rusting and everyday cleaning of the steel is a necessary requirement.

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