Confessions of a Stationery Addict – New Year, New Stationery

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Anyone who knows me knows I love stationery, so for me the New year doesn’t only bring with it the exciting possibilities ahead it also brings the “2015 We Know Office Catalogue” and all the new goodies inside.

I tried to be really good when the catalogues were delivered in December, I only took the briefest of glimpses at the 900+ page behemoth that sat on my desk awaiting the New Year, so on New Year’s Eve I took my catalogue home and on New Year’s Day, giddy like a little girl on Christmas morning I began to browse with a smile on my face, taking my time, not wanting to miss one bit.

Post it’s and Pens, Scissors and Tape into a world full of stationery I did escape.
Folders and Punched Pockets, Printers and Ink so much stationery it was hard to think.
Let me share some highlights with you, some items are old and some items are new.
But remember my friends it could happen to you, you could become a stationery addict too.

Erica’s January 2015 Wish List from the New Catalogue.

  1. FriXion Erasable Highlighters (Page 101) –  Don’t you hate it when you highlight something to then realise you have highlighted the wrong thing, opps you’ve made a mistake and highlighted  it so that mistake is glaring in your eyes, well that’s now a thing of the past with these amazing Erasable Highlighters.
  2. Conceptum Notebooks (Page 148) – No matter where I am or where I’m going I always have a notebook with me, a reminder here, to do note there whilst on the go. The Conceptum range of notebooks are elegant and practical at the same time, a winner in my eyes.
  3. Arista Bolt Leather Racing Chair (Page 708) – I spend most of my working day sat at my desk in the office so I want something comfortable but that doesn’t mean it can’t look fun. This chair brings comfort and design together and would defiantly make come of the people I work with jealous.
  4. Shipping Scale (Page 879) – Sending packages out from the office can sometimes be a nightmare, on various occasions I’ve had to guess the weight and once I even brought in my bathroom scales but even then I couldn’t really see the weight as the package was so big. With the Dymo Shipping scales all those problems are in the past and with its detachable LCD display I will never have to guess the weight again.


I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re ordering throughout 2015 and maybe some of the items you buy may end up on my next wish list!

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A Stationery enthusiast since her school days, Erica has a huge collection of Stationery and desk accessories and is happy to talk to any customer about all facets of the stationery world

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