2015 Catalogue Crossword Clues

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We know that every now and then you need to have a break and have a little fun in the office.  Here’s your chance!  Our 2015 catalogue has a crossword on the back and if you can crack it, send us a copy of your completed cover and you’ll be entered into our 2015 prize draw!  The answers are all items inside the catalogue that you probably never knew we sold!


1            Private view in the office
2            Piece of furniture with shelves in it for putting books on
3            Strong metal container, often with a complex locking system
4            Small sharp knife used by a doctor for doing an operation
9            Visual representation that shows all or part of the Earth’s surface
10          Board in a classroom that a teacher writes on with ink that can be washed off
12          Sweet-tasting substance, usually in the form of tiny hard white or brown grains
14          Metal tool that looks like a strong pair of scissors
15          Used to lift, move, or clear something
17          A device shaped like a funnel, used to channel the voice louder in one direction
18          Large flat case for carrying documents such as maps, photographs, or drawings
19          Quick and nimble mailroom thumb accessory
21          Upward illumination
22          Can you pick it – Yes you can
23          Doing dirty work? Don’t make a mess of your clothes


2             Shining the brass
5             A tool used for a job that sucks
6             (Proverb) Even a broken _____ is right twice a day
7             Picture perfect
8             Take a break and put the ______ on
11           Mummies favourite outfit
13           Monthly or weekly earnings letter
16           Be careful not to lose your head
18           A meeting must have when wanting to show off your work
20           Goes down well in a meeting or when having a cuppa
24           Worn over the nose and mouth
25           Strong cord made by twisting together strands of hemp or other fibres or wire
26           Nickname for a Kick Step Stool (page 904)
27           If you heard Phil snoring you would want some of these
28           Something you should use every time you go to the bathroom

Scan and email or fax your completed cover to or 01293 553840 to enter the draw.  Good luck!

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