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Hi Everyone,

My name is Annie and I recently joined We Know Office. I have been here now for just over a couple of months and I think I am settling in well within the office.

Previous working background has mainly been based in Customer Service, working in the hotel trade, Virgin Atlantic and as a PA to a Fine Portrait Painter. My most recent role, I have come from is a Senior Administrator within the NHS working at a local surgery, dealing with all kinds of issues and problems not just relating to patient care. I tend to take everything in my stride, and I do my upmost to keep clients happy and give them what they want and most importantly very high stands of customer care.

I have 3 teenage boys which generally means most of my free time is either being taxi driver for them or being referee which I’m sure you can all relate to. I come to work for a rest! I do enjoy a rare good night out and I am par-shall to a nice Gin.

Coming into this role with We Know Office, I never knew there where so many different types, makes, sizes or volumes of various items from rubber bands to envelopes. However, I do like a challenge, and when I get a request for an item that we may not stock, it’s a real challenge to find the items and a great buzz when I finally do. Trying to the get the best prices for all our clients is a must. Please feel free to contact me no matter how bizarre, big or small your requests maybe, I am up for a challenge to find them for you, I think I would have to draw the line at livestock!

A few do’s and don’ts of starting a new job:


Do ask lots of question – Never be afraid to ask questions as you are not expected to know everything. No questions will be deemed stupid. Believe me I’ve asked lots of questions and I still do!

Do listen and learn – Listen carefully to everything you’re told. I found taking notes is a huge help and I still refer to them, especially when it comes to product codes.

Do dress to impress – This does vary from company to company, but you do want to make a good first impression. After the lovely greetings I have received from the office pooches, I have had to rethink my wardrobe.

Do ask for feedback – Make sure you get feedback, something you should do in every job and not just the start of a new one. Feedback will show which areas you need to improve on.

Do build relationships and get involved – Become part of team and get to know your colleagues. I feel I have settled in well within the office here at We Know Office and I have a good working repour with Phil, we know when to have a giggle and when work needs to be done. (I also think this helps with age)

Most important thing is to be yourself – Being true to yourself will help you become more confident in the long run and you keep your own identity.


Don’t join in with office gossip – Office gossip should be avoided, not only is it damaging to others it can give you a bad reputation.

Don’t presume you know everything – You can’t possibly know everything, and nobody likes and know it all.

Don’t’ be late – Good time keeping is essential and being on time makes a good impression.

Don’t avoid your boss – Your boss wants you to do well and isn’t there to scare you. Phil and myself have a very good working relationship.

Don’t every ignore offers of help – Your co-workers are there to help you and it’s always nice to solve a problem together.

Don’t turn down and offer for lunch – Try to mingle with your colleagues outside of work, this will help you get to know them and help towards a good working environment. Speaking of which it’s Phil’s turn to buy me lunch I believe!

Don’t try to do everything yourself – Don’t take on too much as it’s better to do a few jobs well than lots badly. Also say when you are struggling and share your concerns with work load with your colleagues, the more help the better and you will all be winners in the long run.

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