Office Germs and more!

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Office Gems and more!

Although you may think your office is clean and germ free, there are potentially hundreds of invisible creatures crawling around your desk. It’s time to get clued up on germs in the office and learn how to prevent yourself from contracting any nasty bugs!

From our telephones to our keyboards, we touch everything on our desks 100’s of times a day, but how often do they get cleaned? Studies have shown that our desks are dirtier than we may think:

  • The average computer keyboard harbours up to 6,500 different types of bacteria.
  • Throughout the day, an office worker’s hands come in to contact with 10,000,000 bacteria.
  • The average office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.
  • Viruses such as Flu can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours after they have been transferred.
  • 80% of all common viruses are transmitted by touch.

These statistics show that it’s more important than ever to clean your desk and wash your hands. See our link for the products available:


Cleaning your desk

Although it isn’t the main reason for germs in the office, our desk is where a lot of the germs that you pick up get transferred to. A dirty, messy desk also reflects badly on you, so it makes sense to keep it looking spick and spam!

It’s important to schedule a bit of time each week to give your desk a tidy up and clean with proper cleaning products. To get rid of any crumbs and dust you should turn your keyboard upside down and bang it on your desk, or alternatively use a spray duster. Give the desk itself, mice, phone and keyboard keys a once- over with an anti-bacterial wipe as well.

Now you’ve got a perfectly clean desk, it’s now time to get to the most important part- How to stop germs spreading throughout the office.


Washing your hands

Studies have shown that 60% of men don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. Although women fare a little better with 40% of them not bothering, that’s still a huge percentage of people that aren’t washing their hands! This shows that there is a large amount of bacteria and germs being spread around the office, on phones, photocopier buttons, door handles, coffee machines and more!

However, unless you go into the office with a garden hose and a bottle of washing up liquid and personally hose down your colleagues, the only way to deal with their sheer lack of cleanliness, is to make sure that you regularly wash your hands with hot water and soap and sanitise throughout the day. By looking after your own hygiene, you will help stop the spread of germs, plus if your colleges see you positively changing your hygiene habits, they will likely follow suit!


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